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Our Mission Reporting Strategy


Annual Beneficial Banking Reports

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We are trying to build our capacity to engage in Mission Reporting that not only provides transparency to our stakeholders about our results but also maximizes our success on the triple bottom line. Within our resource constraints, we will engage in market research that illuminates lending opportunities based on the expected social and environmental return by sectors. These opportunities might also reveal potential borrowers on a migration toward higher social and/or environmental returns who we would like to support.

Of course, we want to provide access to financial services for companies moving the dial but we also want to create access for them to other services that help borrowers migrate ever more toward environmental sustainability and social and economic justice, as well as to measure those results. Our motive for facilitating access to and encouraging the use of impact analysis by our borrowers and depositors is partly selfish. We need them to measure so that we might know the impact of our banking services that enable their activities. We will work hard to elicit feedback from borrowers and depositors that illuminates the impact of those loan dollars and other bank services on our triple bottom line.

Our strategy includes making available a stable of preferred providers that not only complements bank services but increases our borrowers' capacity to measure their mission impact, including those who might offer discounted or first-time-free metrics agreements. Sometimes the benefits of tracking impact -- be they to gain customers or satisfy stakeholders -- is revealed after just one time through the analysis. If we can find ways to support impact firms providing such a free first trial, we will work hard at that. Thereafter, If we can aggregate those impacts by borrower across our entire loan portfolio, we hope to achieve a better understanding of the impact or our loan dollars on the triple bottom line.


Our Philosophy

Beneficial-Banking-Directional-Street-Sign-One-PacificCoast-BankOur profits, when distributed, can only be distributed to our Foundation to support our community and environment. We believe this innovative structure will allow us to achieve our vision of Beneficial Banking.

Our Customers

Customer-Ecologic-Bottle-One-PacificCoast-BankWe strive to provide capital to businesses & nonprofits that produce meaningful social justice and environmental outcomes. Learn more about our customers here!

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