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Brooks Shumway


We are so sorry to inform you that our dear friend and colleague, Brooks Shumway, Executive Director of the TomKat Charitable Trust, passed away from complications related to cancer surgery on Friday, January 4th, 2013.  Brooks Shunway

Brooks' life was cut short not for her lack of fighting spirit, or her family embracing her totally in love and support, or even the magic of modern medical science.  It was just a terribly bum health rap borne over a lifetime of patience and acceptance.  

Of course, we feel lost without her.  It's so hard to to imagine we won't have her wise counsel, or cheerful help, or wry commentary.  She was a very grand lady.  She was super smart, scrupulously diligent, and fantastically kind.  Never did she lament her lot but always showed up graciously to meet any challenge.  

We are so desperately sad we can only remember that she would not want us to mope around.  And that she is hopefully now free from the worldly constraints about which she never complained.  Would that we could have done more while she was amongst us.  Bless you Brooks.

In lieu of flowers, Brooks would have prefered we support our own volunteer work or the work of the Canary Foundation in Palo Alto CA which is developing tests for early cancer detection. In addition, we will likely host a community service day in Brooks' honor in June and will let you all know how you might participate.  Finally, if you would like to share memories of Brooks with her family and us, please register your stories here.

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