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"Slides Don't Just Build Themselves!" 

Beneficial State Steps up to Help ROSE CDC

August 30, 2013 | Article by Matt Anderson


It was a sunny, brilliant Saturday – the unofficial kickoff to summer in Portland, Oregon – and scores of beautiful children peered out their windows, whispers abundant, then slowly gathered to watch…the anticipation was killing them…for today was Christmas in June. Volunteers and workers congregated. Blue prints were handed out. Construction gloves were put on. The smell of sunblock and coffee battled with woodchips and shoveled dirt as the foreman shouted out directions: “We need one team to build a slide, any takers?” A brave man from Beneficial State raised his hand, “Beneficial Sate Bank is up for the challenge, sir.” And so, began the journey of three fearless Beneficial State employees to assist in the construction of a playground for client, ROSE Community Development Corporation.

 ROSE CDC- Before After

Beneficial State is very proud to have ROSE CDC as a client and enthusiastically supports Rose’s mission of providing affordable housing in southeast Portland – ROSE’s Vision: Revitalizing Outer Southeast Portland neighborhoods through the development of good homes and economic opportunities. ROSE takes worn down affordable housing projects, rehabilitates the property (through loans from Beneficial State, and makes the living environment better for the families. This particular playground project was at Bellrose Station Apartments. Bellrose is one of ROSE’s largest apartment properties, containing 40 two and three bedroom units. Currently, there are 136 people living at Bellrose, including 70 children under 16 years old. The resident population is 51% Latino, 38% White, 7% Black and 4% Asian, and 5 primary languages are spoken. All residents live below 60% of the median family income. Before the new playground was built, the children would often play in the parking lot which was not only unsafe, but also quite boring! Now they have a new fun and safe place to play, and couldn’t be happier. 


Take-away for Beneficial State crew? Yes, it’s tough to be away from your family and loved ones on an ideal Saturday at the onset of summer, but knowing this one day will create several years of enjoyment for the kids, makes it completely worthwhile and we’ll be there to help on the next playground – slides don’t just build themselves! 



The Beneficial State crew:

Matt Mylet [left]: “The Muscle”  Matt’s experience with manual labor was key.  He even knew how to use the big drill.

Susan Day [middle]: “The Supervisor”  Susan was leaving for vacation the following day, yet she insisted on contributing to his worthy cause by ensuring the slide was built properly.

Matt Anderson [right]: “The Gel”  ROSE CDC is Matt’s client and his day was spent tightening client relations AND bolts on the playground.


Matt Anderson is a Relationship Manager in our Portland branch and can be reached at  


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