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Beneficial State takes a stand to #CallItOut with the LGBTQ community


 Blog | April 13, 2016


In 2016, there have been three stand-alone anti-LGBTQ bills singed into law— in Kansas, North Carolina and the latest, Mississippi. These bills implicitly discriminate against the LGBTQ community.

We believe a just, inclusive society is essential for a harmonious future. We condemn discriminatory practices such as allowing employers to fire a person because of his or her sexual orientation, or allowing businesses and organizations to refuse to serve LGBT people.

We applaud leaders who are standing up to this prejudice, such as the 4 states and 7 cities including those in our region that have banned non-essential travel to Mississippi or North Carolina-- Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington State, and B Lab’s leadership in the decision to relocate the annual gathering of the B Corporation global community, out of North Carolina.

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Beneficial-Banking-Directional-Street-Sign-One-PacificCoast-BankOur profits, when distributed, can only be distributed to our Foundation 
to support our community and environment. We believe this innovative structure will allow us to achieve our vision of Beneficial Banking.

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